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Star Concrete (NSW) Pty Limited provides complete concreting services for residential, industrial and commercial projects. We provide a complete supply and fix package for any project. Our services listed are just a few that we provide, we also have all our own equipment to perform piering foundations and footings, ground and suspended slabs, driveways and paths.

Other services we provide are - stiffened raft slab, suspended slabs, factory floors as well as most concrete constructions.


Strip Footings

Strip footings are superior on sloping sites, particularly when the ground floor slab has numerous level changes. Why? For each level change within a raft slab, additional concrete & formwork is required to create the step in the slab. Strip footings can easily be poured on the angle of the sloping site.

Also, the external finish of the building needs consideration. The edge of the raft slab will be visible, whereas a strip footing is buried beneath the ground surface leaving only the external skin of brick work visible.



Waffle Pod Slab Systems

Waffle Pod Slab Systems have rapidly become the leading choice of slab preparation method amongst leading builders.

Waffle Pod Slabs are prepared more efficiently than raft slabs, with smaller, more predictable concrete quantities and cleaner job sites due to reduced excavation requirements.

The increase in efficiency, decrease in concrete use and the ability to effectively project the amount of concrete required add up to delivering a more productive, more smoothly running building project.



Infill Slabs

This is a footing system incorporating perimeter strip footings together with sub floor brickwork. The inner leaf of which supports a reinforced concrete slab, the remainder of which is supported directly on compacted filling material placed within the surrounding brickwork.




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